The links on the front page today are all about Private Guardianship in Nevada.  The laws in Nevada are pretty lax - and I've heard that they're much the same in other states.  This opens the door to abuses such as those discussed in the links.  The courts require that Guardians submit annual accountings of how monies were spent - but they don't enforce this rule.  Nor do the courts question the charges, which are supposed to be reasonable.  

Essentially, all it takes in Nevada to become a Guardian is to pass a test and be able to show up in court.  One of the links (Ripoff Reports) discusses the hearing master flirting with a Private Guardian and totally ignoring the objections of the Ward's family.  And it gets better: one of the court-appointed Guardians actually charged his Ward thousands of dollars to read the complaints on the Ripoff Reports website.  He threw all of his business to one law firm and paid them extremely well for helping to strip people of their rights.  Not sure what the lawyer was doing the day in school that they discussed abuse, exploitation and 

The abuses have been ongoing for years, and only after a local newspaper wrote an investigative report did the courts even acknowledge there are problems with the system as it currently exists.  Hopefully this shit will be addressed and some real change will take place - and it's important to acknowledge that not all Private Guardians are worthless slime who view their Wards as little more than a mean ticket (in the most expensive of restaurants...).  I've met a few who are ethical, moral people who strive to help seniors and handicapped Wards have a better life.  

Read the links - all of them - and feel free to post some comments here.  I love  hearing what you h



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