Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

Financial Exploitation is a complicated issue.  My experience has been that the police often view this as a civil matter, which means that there is no one to stop a person from draining a senior's bank accounts while the case winds its way through civil proceedings.  I've seen people scam seniors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars because of this.
     This is frustrating for social workers.  If we're lucky, we can get the banks to freeze accounts while it's figured out - which makes it harder for the senior to pay his bills, considering his monies aren't available to him either.  And that doesn't even take into account that "while it's figured out" could be years, could mean the senior going through mental evaluations, possible guardianship, nursing home or assisted living placement - all at their own cost.  If the suspected exploitation doesn't get them, the cost of proving that they are competent to make their own decisions will.  And if a Court-appointed guardian is allowed to act however they want to, the senior is victimized repeatedly.  
    The elderly are easy targets - but it needs to be easier to help them from being victimized by the system all over again.  Below is an excellent example of the system working against the seniors.  I invite you to read all of the links provided in these stories.  It'll curl your hair.
Public Guardian Retires in 2002, Editorial Says Time to Clean House
Public Guardian Opens Private Agency, Multiple Complaints of Exploitation.  



We can financially secure the social workers. This will increase the potential of their mind.

04/10/2017 6:28pm

I must be aware of Financial Exploitation. I have a Grandfather and I don't desire him to experience this. This is a fast growing issue where they abuse seniors and person's with disabilities. Some people are taking advantage of them and steal money. This is a great threat that need's to be addressed.

08/04/2016 5:52am

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Sure, I will read these articles. Thank you for sharing them. Nice post.

02/04/2017 3:43am

Can an obvious retired afford a good health care now? What is your point of view>?

02/27/2017 8:21am

Thank you for the post. I don't know that Financial Exploitation is a complicated issue.

03/13/2017 10:17pm

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