It seems that Gentiva Hospice, formerly Odyssey Healthcare, is closing a bunch of offices.  I have looked all over the internet and don't see anything about it, but the Las Vegas office has closed (effective April 30th) and a former employee told me that they're closing many locations across the country.  If anyone knows any more about this, by all means comment or post in your blog. 
     I went to the Las Vegas office and it was a sad day indeed, watching employees pack up all of their offices and hugging each other as they left.  



07/09/2016 12:20pm

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10/12/2017 11:13pm

I hope that this is just for temporary measures. That is a very sad thing to hear. I hope that they would not close their office nearest to my house. It would make things difficult for me. It is very hard to go to the next nearest office because it is really far away from here. I also don't like going to other health care offices. I hope that they would find a way to solve this problem that they are facing. I also feel sad for their employees. Not having a job at a time like this would be really difficult to deal with. I hope the best for you guys.

08/31/2016 1:26pm

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02/04/2017 3:46am

This is a place I don't wanna stay for any reason. I'd rather stay home.

02/12/2017 4:00am

Don't be sad about that. You will forget this situation soon)

11/09/2017 3:15am

So sad to hear that :(


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