Nursing homes are notorious for having high employee turnover.  This can be a problem, because there's no continuity for the patients.  The amount of employee turnover can't be found on the Medicare website, and if you ask the person giving you a tour it's doubtful you'll receive a straight answer.  The amount of turnover is a good indication of the nursing home's management team. 

One way to find out this information is to search the want ads in your area.  If they are constantly running ads, the nursing home might have trouble keeping staff members. 

The Medicare website has an area under the Nursing Home Compare tab that displays the ratio of staff to patient; this isn't truly reflective of the number of nurses actually providing patient care.  My book explains that nursing homes report every staff member who is in the facility, including the Director of Nursing, Assistant D.O.N., Staff Development Coordinator, MDS Coordinators, and nurses who perform other tasks. 

The lesson that can be learned is that you never know what you're getting until you actually visit the nursing home.  Visit several times - during dinner or breakfast is a good time, because the Administrator isn't in the building.  Visiting when Adminstration isn't in the building allows you to see what is happening when Mom's not watching.   - l.e.



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Nursing Home staffing might be one of the most ideals way on how we can attend a patience need closely, but obviously this is not for everyone since the services come with a price. Being in a hospital alone requires cash, what more if you'll have your personal nurse to attend all your medical needs? This is ideal only for rich people. I prefer the traditional way of service inside a hospital.


The federal government and researchers recognize the importance of further addressing nurse staffing standards, and some studies have explored specific thresholds. In 2000, Harrington, Kovner, and colleagues provided recommendations on minimum standards for nurse staffing levels based on the expertise of a focus group of national experts on staffing and quality in nursing homes. The expert panel recommended one full-time RN director of nursing and one RN supervisor on duty at all times (24 hours per day, 7 days per week) in all nursing homes. In facilities with 100 or more beds, they recommended a full-time RN assistant director of nursing and a full-time RN director of in-service education.

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Nursing Homes have to be registered with the Local Health Authority. You have a right to see the most recent examination reports. If possible visit the nursing homes of choice with a friend, talk to any close relatives you meet there.


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Are nursing homes really notorious for having high employee turnover?

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