I spoke with a woman who told me that the hospital was going to place her mother in a certain nursing home, but after reading my book she did a bit of research and chose another facility that was not only closer to her house, but better rated as well.  She said that, until she had read my book, she wasn't aware that she had a voice in the matter.  Man, it makes me feel good to know that my book made a difference in someone's life. 


10/23/2016 12:39am

Most informative and interesting blog because no relation in this world lie mother. A mother is the most precious person in the life on everyone about which we cannot describe completely in the words. However some of the valuable moments with our mother can be described.


I am so happy for you. Aside from the fact that your book is selling good in the market, you have the ability to change people's lives through your book. I know how good it feels like because the same situation happened to me before when I was still a student. There was this suicidal young girl who wants to end her life. But when she accidentally read my essay about giving importance to life, she stopped thinking that way and sent me a letter how much I affected her views.

02/04/2017 3:51am

this means you are popular. So don't leave this activity.


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