I worked for a nursing home that failed its annual survey. Then, it failed the re-survey. After that, it failed the 3rd go-round, causing admissions and federal/state payments to be held while a plan of corrections was developed, accepted and then implemented. 

Each time the inspectors came into the building, the administrator suspected that they knew exactly which charts to review. Of course, the more plausible explanation was that pretty much every chart included errors, fraudulent behaviors and/or blatant ignorance of even the minimal standards of care. 

So, I'm sitting in a meeting with the entire administrative team in yet another endless, useless meeting between the 2nd & 3rd inspections, and the administrator says that she feels like someone is sabotaging her... and one of the nurses declared her love and respect for the administrator in a most nauseating display of support.

After the nurse was done sucking up, the woman next to her agreed and added a few superlatives of her own. And then the next person, etc ad nauseum.

When it came to me, I simply looked at the person sitting on my right and said, "your turn." I was suspended later that day.

   It seems that Gentiva Hospice, formerly Odyssey Healthcare, is closing a bunch of offices.  I have looked all over the internet and don't see anything about it, but the Las Vegas office has closed (effective April 30th) and a former employee told me that they're closing many locations across the country.  If anyone knows any more about this, by all means comment or post in your blog. 
     I went to the Las Vegas office and it was a sad day indeed, watching employees pack up all of their offices and hugging each other as they left.