I've received feedback for my book, which I am currently updating to reflect the Medicare deductibles and co-payments for 2013.  While the feedback has been positive, one review stated that my book "has a very cautionary, somewhat negative tone regarding nursing homes."  The reason that I wrote this book was to provide information as to how nursing homes operate, and what the consumer can do to ensure that their family member receives the best care possible.  Nursing homes operate under the assumption that the patient and family will accept anything they might be told, and that they don't know that they are able to appeal most decisions made on the patient's behalf.  This includes everything from which nursing home the patient will be sent, to when he'll be discharged.  

This book is cautionary, and I'm pleased that it reads that way.  There are many great facilities out there - but there are also those that use intimidation to increase their profits.  People have the right to make decisions about their healthcare, and this book takes the mystery out of nursing home placement.