As I mentioned on the Home page, I'll be updating this site to include articles about nursing homes and other healthcare issues.  I won't be discussing "Obamacare," because the Affordable Healthcare Act has affected the nursing home industry very little. 

      There's so much talk about changing the "culture" of the nursing home industry and how nursing homes are becoming more patient-oriented.  I've seen very little of that happening.  Administrators continue to cut costs while finding inventive ways to boost their revenue.  Patients are discharged without their families being informed about the patient's rights to remain there while a safe discharge plan can be found, patients are encouraged to accept treatments that will increase the nursing home's bottom line, and it's rare that staff members are willing to report any wrongdoing. 

     A social worker that I know recently walked off her job after her administrator (allegedly) attempted to force her to place an incontinent patient on a 12-hour bus ride to stay with relatives who had no idea he would be coming.  Did she report the incident?  Probably not.  The man was under the age of reporting for elderly abuse, and the only thing that would have happened would have been for her to be blackballed in the local nursing home industry. 

     So, I'm changing the site.  I'll be linking to stories about nursing home issues and associated problems.  I'm also updating the book for 2014.  It's going to be a busy year - but it will be worth my time if just one person learns enough to advocate for a family member in a nursing home.  I look forward to the new changes.  - l.e. green